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South East Hope Tug of War

Milwaukee, 2003
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Milwaukee, 2003
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Yellow Tumbling Arrow 10

The South Easthope team travelled to Milwaukee in August of 2003 to compete at "Irish Fest".  Also making the trip down to the States were the boys from Bluewater.  Lots of tugging, lots of drinking and lots of sunshine made for a great three days of Celtic music and competition.  While the girls team did not come out on top, our boys did a great job competing in the tournament.  Many lessons were learned in Milwaukee.......Don't ride in the back of a pick up truck on the interstate.....Don't eat breakfast before weigh in....Don't streak naked on the interstate......Don't purchase 6 cases of beer at the duty free store.....Don't body slam your fellow team members and cause injuries......Don't sing "O Canada" on the bus.....Don't wander off on your own to strange bars...Don't try and fit a team member in the garbage can full of beer.....   Why do all our lessons start with "Don't"?

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